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French version of this page is here: FrWikiStart.
Version française de cette page : FrWikiStart.
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This website is dedidacted to a project using betaseries for .NET applications. You will find here a library for the betaseries API targetting .NET 3.5 and Silverlight 3 (Windows Phone 7). There is also a WP7 application and a sample WPF application.

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What happens here?

For the Windows Phone 7 application, the documentation is Wp7AppHome (french: FrWp7AppHome).
For the Windows Phone 7 library, the documentation is Wp7LibHome (french: FrWp7LibHome).
For the MS .NET 3.5 library, the documentation is NetLibHome (french: FrNetLibHome).
For the Windows Mobile 6 application, the documentation is Wm6AppHome (french: FrWm6AppHome?).
For the WPF ClickOnce application, the documentation is WpfAppHome (french: FrWpfAppHome?).

This website is here for:

  • support with the WP7 application
  • project management and bugtracking for the WP7 application
  • project management and bugtracking for the .NET library
  • documentation

What we are working on right now (0.5:

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Work remaining for next update


A few screenshots

The development team